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Monday, July 18, 2005

People make money from ads? 

I got a rather nasty shock today when I read a story about a blogger who makes $10000-$20000 per month from google ads on his blog. I have been trying to convince myself that it simply isn't possible to make money from blogs, my ads have netted me a grand total of $0.98 in a month and a half....some people are just plain lucky I guess.


Part luck, part dedication, part persistence.

Darren generally works 8-10 hour days and has managed to build up some niche blogs on subjects that pay well for ads.

I think May was exceptional, too. Nevertheless it is possible, but not generally get-rich-quick stuff. Most people won't reach that level, and it's hard with only one or two blogs - Darren has probably a couple of handfuls of 'en.

Stick with it though, you never know, and money isn't the only reason for blogging.
Andy, agreed, Darren has some interesting stuff on his blog and just happens to get some interesting ads, most of the ads I get are for other blogging services. Not to worry, I do this because I enjoy it
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