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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Your chance to meet Samuel 

If you have some amazing desire to meet me, then by all means come along to the Dickson College open night, 7PM Thursday (9th June 2005)...I'll be there, not quite sure where though.

I do know that I will start off in the hall with everybody else, but as the night goes on I may be at the VET (Vocational Education and Training) stand in the canteen, or I might be up in the IT corridor, or perhaps down in the library...if you want to come and need help recognising me, print a copy of my photo on my blogger.com profile

Anyway, it should be a great night, whether you are deciding on a college, seeing what this college thing is all about or just want to meet me...

For a tiny bit more detail about the open night see http://www.dicksonc.act.edu.au/events.html
For a map of where the college is (and directions from your location to the college) see http://www.whereis.com/whereis/mapping/geocodeAddress.do?advertiserId=&streetNumber=&streetName=Phillip&poiType=&suburb=Dickson&state=Australian+Capital+Territory&x=27&y=10


You are a dead set wanker
Any particular reason you think that?
Because look at the shit you go on about. Its not normal.
OK then, what do you think I should write about?
What the hell is with that drawing? I think you should seek some help. How old are you 14? 15? its not normal. Its just not normal. Go outside and play in the sand pit with your toy cars. You talk about 2UE? Who cares, really do you work at 2UE? do you know anything about it? no I think now. Who cares what some crazy arse 14 year old kid thinks about grown-up stuff. Go outside and play.
Riiiight...I would be attending College at 14 wouldn't I?

If you must know...18, go and look at the other sites I post on if you want proof...or better yet, call Dickson College and ask them.
No, I don't work at 2UE, I listen to 2CC in Canberra (which relays most of the 2UE programs)...if you don't like my drawing, that's fine with me.

So what do you think I should write about?
Then you should be out running after girls
Yes, I could do that, but they aren't very interested in me, I'm not in one of the main social groups...but since when has a tennaged talk radio fan ever been in a main social group?
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