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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Statistics of Samuel 

As you have probably noticed, the Coffee-cup-o-meter is out of service, it will probably stay that way, but for the moment there is a slightly more exciting statistic. At the top of the blog I have added a countdown to my 18th birthday, which will officially occur at 11:01 PM Canberra time on the 2nd of June 2005 (Which is 1:01 PM GMT).

If you are feeling like sending me something special, I would love to receive an email from you (which would allow me to reply personally) or an e-card (Hallmark have some fantastic free birthday E-Cards) or perhaps just a comment on the blog. Regardless of what you choose to do (if anything), I will be most appreciative.

That reminds me: despite what some people have said to me, you don't actually need to be a member of blogger.com to comment on this blog, I have deliberately made sure that anonymous comments are allowed.

Stay tuned, after my birthday I have a new and mildly exciting statistic lined up.


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